Executive Committee

Alec Whatmough

After a long and varied career in the dairy industry, Alec moved into the Veterinary Medicines and Dairy Hygiene Chemical manufacturing arena in late 2015 as Quality Technical Officer for Deosan. In 2017 Alec stood for and won election to the ARPPA executive to particularly bring knowledge and expertise related to teat sprays to the table. As well as technical knowledge, Alec also brings experience in being part of effective teams having previously been a superannuation fund trustee and member or manager of various project teams.

George Kerse

George has been working in the crop protection industry in New Zealand for longer than he would like to admit. Starting out as a field development officer for a crop protection company, George has had experience in Product Development, Regional Management and Category Management for crop protection and farm supply companies. His current role has responsibilities for regulatory affairs, compliance, procurement, sales and marketing of crop protection products for Ravensdown Ltd.

John Hicking

Orion CP
John is Technical Manager at Orion AgriScience, a subsidiary of the Zagro Corporation. John has worked in a variety of roles over the years, starting in food safety and regulation. John’s current role involves all technical aspects of crop protection, from trial work and product development, through to marketing and grower enquiries as well as regulatory matters concerning registration and approvals from ACVM and EPA. John values the role ARPPA plays, particularly in providing an opportunity to network with colleagues in the industry, and to provide a unified voice to engage with regulators over shared issues.

Ed Catherwood

Ed is a Massey University agricultural science graduate, with experience in animal health and nutrition. Since founding AgriHealth in 2008 Ed has owned and led the company with support from his team. AgriHealth aims to help local vets help NZ farmers improve health and productivity, and has invested heavily in clinical trials to improve NZ farm animal outcomes.Ed is currently the Chair of ARPPA and represents the Association at AVMAC meetings. Ed believes ARPPA is particularly effective in providing a voice for local registrants of veterinary medicine and agrichemical products, and achieving better outcomes for New Zealand.

Nidish Nair

Biocell Corporation
Nidish is the General Manager and a director of Biocell Corporation, a New Zealand biotechnology company that specialises in the manufacture and development of vaccines and sterile chemical injectables. Nidish has a First Class Honours in Bachelor's in Biotechnology and is an alumnus of the University of Auckland where he completed his Master of Engineering Studies with First Class Honours and an MBA. He works closely with the Biocell team and clients to focus on lean manufacturing and commercialisation strategies. He is passionate about bringing innovative and sustainable solutions to the NZ primary industry and works with the executive to strengthen ARPPA’s presence across the country.

Nikki Cuff

Virbac NZ
Nikki is the Research, Development and Licensing Manager at Virbac NZ and has been in the Veterinary and Human Medicines industry for more than 30 years. She has had the opportunity to experience many facets of these pharmaceutical industries including analytical chemistry, manufacturing, product development, regulatory affairs and in-licensing. Nikki considers ARPPA an important voice for the Crop Protection and Veterinary Medicines industries. Having direct contact with the various NZ authorities gives the organisation the ability to successfully advocate for our members.
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